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Only $ 45.00 

How does the corporation get One? 
Does the corporation Need a Tax ID Number ? 
Why do we need a Tax Number ? 
What is needed to apply for an EIN ? 

How does the corporation get a Tax Identification Number? 

Simple. Once your application or request to incorporate is received by Financial Foundations, Inc. , the tax ID number can be obtained within 24 - 48 hr. This service is provided only with full service incorporation request. The availability of 24- 48 hour service depends on the Internal Revenue Division your state of incorporation falls under for filing taxes. If your state of incorporation falls into an IRS division that does not provide Tele-Tin service, your EIN number will generally be available within 5 -7 working days. 
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Does the Corporation Need a Tax ID Number? 
Generally the corporation will need a Tax ID number (also know as a Federal Employer Identification number and Employer Identification Number) to start conducting business. The EIN is also a necessary to open a corporate checking or bank account. The bank requires the EIN and generally the resolutions of your corporation. Also, if your corporation is planning on hiring employees in the near future the corporation will need the EIN for payroll taxes, state taxes, and in order to make tax deposits (federal) on a timely basis. 
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Why Does the Corporation Need a Tax ID number ? 
As mentioned above you will need an EIN to conduct business, open a corporate checking / bank account and pay taxes. A 
corporate charter is only recognized by the state of incorporation not by the IRS. In order to be recognized by the IRS you need 
an Employer (Federal) ID Number. 
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What is needed to apply for an EIN ? 
You will need the date of incorporation, company address, company mailing address and the correct forms to apply with the IRS. Incorporate USA will process your Tax ID Number for only $45.00. Generally Incorporate USA will have your Number prior to receiving confirmation from the state that the corporation has been filed. We only process Tax ID numbers for full service corporation request. 
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